January 11, 2013

Guided Reading Anchor Charts: Within, Beyond, and About the Text

Being out of my own classroom this year has definitely been a weird adjustment and something that I crave and hope changes as part of my job as literacy coach for next year.  To combat this, I decided to embrace my office space where I hold my guided reading groups throughout the day.  I decided to make anchor charts for thinking within, beyond, and about the text, as well as a chart displaying different writing about reading options for early finishers of guided reading.  Here are picture of each chart below:

It will be nice to have these displayed for quick reference during guided reading groups!  I hope that everyone has a great Friday and weekend!  I am making the journey from Wisconsin to Boston this weekend for some more Literacy Collaborative training at Lesley University.  I'm so excited to see all of my classmates and continue to learn more about the best practices in teaching students how to read and write!



  1. I just love when it pops up that you have a new post. My 5th graders are really growing from all of the ideas that you share. Thanks so much!

  2. That is so nice of you to say, Sandy! Sometimes I feel like I am just writing these blog posts for me and hoping that others are interested in what I have to say! :) This means a lot to know that my blog is helping 5th grade students in a district other than mine! That's what it's all about for me! :) Thank you!


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