May 2, 2013

Parent Quick Reference Reading Prompts Freebie

I woke up this morning, May 2nd, to eight inches of snow in Wisconsin.  My district and all of the surrounding districts are closed today.  It always amazes me how on a day where I have school I stay curled up in bed until the last possible meeting, able to fall back asleep on command.  However, when I woke up at 5:45 to the news of a snow day, I couldn't go back to sleep for the life of me!  Instead, I decided to create a freebie to share! :) (I know I lead a very exciting life!)

I really like this freebie and think it is very useful to teachers because it is a way to form a relationship between school and home.  I think many times parents want to help with homework, but they are unsure of what to say to their children in order to help them with what is going on in school.  Parents seem to get more and more unsure as students get older.  Giving parents the language to prompt reading for correct oral reading, and questioning within, beyond, and about the text puts a powerful tool in their hand.  All of a sudden, students are hearing the same language and message from school to home, encouraging them to make connections and progress versus sometimes creating a disconnect.  Another beautiful thing about this is it simply encourages parents to TALK to their kids!

Here is the link to the new freebie.  Send it home or e-mail it as an attachment home to parents and encourage them to hang it on their fridge!

Parent Quick Reference Reading Prompts Freebie

Here are some pictures of this "beautiful" May 2nd day:

The view out the back of my house!  My poor grill! :(

Easily my favorite part of having a snow day will be cuddling with this little sweetheart! :)

Hoping that this freebie provides some "spring" cheer,

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