June 8, 2013

School's Out for Summer!

Yesterday was our students' last day of school! It was also officially the end of my 5th year in education! Here in Wisconsin, the weather has not allowed us to feel like it is truly summer.  With a snow day in May and consistently cool weather, I feel like the last day crept up on me.  When the bell rang yesterday I felt like I was coming back on Monday.  OH WAIT!  I am.... :)  Summer school begins on Monday.  With the implementation of Literacy Collaborative at our middle school this year, many of our middle school students benefited from receiving Reading Workshop, Writing Workshop, and Guided Reading/Literature Study each day throughout the school year.  Back in February we decided that we wanted to provide "extra" guided reading to middle school students who are reading below grade level to keep the positive momentum we've built this year alive.

Starting Monday, five middle school language arts teachers will be conducting three guided reading groups each day to almost 50 middle school students.  We will do this for the two weeks now and two weeks before school resumes. I'm super pumped about what this means for the 50 students who have signed up: it means that they will likely continue to close the gap that currently exists from where they are and where they should be in their reading.  It also means that they will most likely prevent sliding backwards during the summer with their reading.

I plan to pull together data on the students currently reading below grade level at my school who take the extra guided reading during the summer versus the students who do not in terms on their benchmark level in the fall.  I definitely have a hypothesis, but I will wait to see what the data reveals.

I have big plans for the summer in terms of blogging and TpT products.  I also plan to spend a lot of time out on the lake, in front of a bonfire, and running/biking/swimming/working out.  Another big summer project is I am planning a mini reno of my kitchen and re-decorating my house, including the big purchase of new living room furniture :).  School-wise I am going to do some work with our middle school book room, pull together a bunch of data on our beginning and end of the year reading levels and reading intervention effectiveness, and plan professional development for the three classes I'll be teaching next year: ongoing professional development to middle school language arts teachers on literacy instruction, initial professional development on content literacy to a diverse group of high school teachers, and a course designed for our middle school special education teachers.

So what does a middle school literacy coach do on the first day of her summer vacation? Check out my pictures below!:

Step One: Go out for dinner and cocktails to celebrate and smile as big as you can!

Step Two: Wake up at the crack of dawn the next morning to run a 5K!

Step Three: Celebrate a friend's upcoming wedding with the best buds a girl could ask for!

I'm so excited to share with you more information about middle school literacy as the summer goes on! I have a lot of ideas that I'm bursting to get out now that I will have the time!

For those of you who are on summer vacation, ENJOY!  And for those of you who have more days of school to go, enjoy your last couple of days/weeks! :)



  1. What a great summer program! Wish we had the $ in our state for summer programs. I really like that it is two weeks before school too.

  2. That's too bad that your state doesn't fund summer programs. We definitely feel very lucky and thankful to have the opportunity to provide this for students!


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