September 15, 2013

I am a Writer

I tell my students over and over again until I am blue in the face that in order to love writing, you must let yourself become a writer.  One of the most effective ways I've found to create a community of writers within the classroom the classroom is to share your writing.  Since every once and awhile I like to step out on a limb, I've decided on this peaceful Sunday morning after a night of soft rain (the first rain we've had in Wisconsin in months) that I would share a piece of my writing with all of you.  I enjoy experimenting with poetry, and in my 8th grade classroom I organize a weekly Poetry Workshop which I can't wait to tell you more about as the year goes on.  But for today, my only message is that as teachers of reading and writing, our words only mean so much when we never seem to live by what they are.  As teachers of writing, it's important that we view ourselves as writers and from time to time, share something that we have written.  So (deep breath) here is goes....I was in a bit of a heavy place last night ;).

Take me far away
from the confines that hold me down.
Release me from my own cage.
I am not surrounded by bars,
there is no lock that keeps me in.

If I dare to dream and travel beyond the untouchable clouds,
reality deflates me.
I fall deep beyond the depths of my misery,
and who will catch me then?

Regret is my past,
and it is my own.
Sorrow burdens my soul,
making it so dark that light flickers a dull, slow burn.
My disconnect:
Worse than my sorrow or regret
Sheer emptiness.

Why did I stay locked in the cage so long
when I always held the key?
When will I learn
to catch myself when I fall?
Why did I let regret, sorrow, and disconnect
keep me from the fire blazing inside?
Today my life is awakened to a life so beautiful
I can't believe it's mine.


  1. Thanks for sharing this. I often write with my students... sometimes it's as hard for me as it is for them (especially because I don't want it to be forced) but I agree with you that is really important that they see us as writers and readers as well. I let me critique my work and offer suggestions hope that if they can see me do it, they will be more willing to try as well :) I also read them a poem I found a while ago called A Valentine for Ernest Mann and it's a humorous poem and talks about how you can't always order up writing like you order a taco but you can find ideas for writing in creative and interesting places :)

    Thanks for sharing!
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    1. Hi Amanda,

      Thanks for the great suggestion with the poem. I'll definitely look it up. I couldn't agree with you more about if they see us going through the writing process and how that looks, they will be more willing to as well! :)


  2. Beautiful, poignant poem! I can testify that teaching Language Arts this year as a published author has brought a lot of street cred to my classroom. Any time I'm introducing a new writing skill, the middle schoolers are always asking, can you read from your book to show us an example? LOL . . . LOVE IT-- I never get that kind of captive audience at home!!!

    1. Thanks, Jamie! I'm definitely not a published author like you, but I do try sometimes ;). I was so excited when I got your book in the mail the other day! Thank you SO much, and I can't wait to read it!!

      I can only imagine how excited they get to have a published author for a teacher. That is just so neat to be able to model the writing process from your own book!


  3. Such pretty writing! You're so right - I've found that I'm an even better writing teacher now that I'm blogging. I'm constantly thinking about what I could be writing and I guess this would be another step - to share a personal piece on the blog.

    Thanks for the idea! : )

    1. I completely agree on the blogging part! I think blogging helps develop voice and is a lot easier to speak to students about bringing out their voice as they're writing. I would love to see some of your writing on your blog, hint hint!! :)


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